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Ideas for supporting your child with reading and writing

  • Sing lots of nursery rhymes to your child
  • Read lots of stories together and discuss what is happening in the pictures or story.
  • Have their eyes tested every year (even if there is no history of eye problems in the family)
  • Play games like Eye Spy or make silly rhyming sentences
  • Make time to hear them read and be really positive about their reading
  • Make up stories together (especially good on long journey’s in the car)

At School we use Read Write Inc with the younger children to help them learn the phonic skills they need to be able to read and write.  Phonics is about how the letters we write link to the sounds we say.


Ideas for supporting your child with maths

  • Look for numbers everywhere and use every opportunity to help your child understand numbers in context.  E.g. looking at prices in the shop, discussing price labels or discounts
  • If you are worried about maths do not pass this worry onto your child.  Maths teaching has changed a lot over time and we will ensure that they understand and are not scared of maths.
  • Sing number rhymes with younger children
  • Count the stairs going up and then count backwards when coming down
  • Use lots of maths words in different contexts e.g. cooking is a great way to use maths and maths words at home
  • Let your children work things out for themselves.  They may go wrong at first but when they find the right answer it will mean more to them.


Ideas for supporting your child with motor skills

  • Use lot of playdough.  It strengthens the fingers and helps children learn skills like squeezing and rolling
  • Threading games or bead threading.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any beads pasta tubes make great necklaces too.
  • Asking your child to help pick up things dropped on the floor, especially if they are small and fiddly.
  • Playing with things like Lego with small pieces to put together
  • Encouraging your child to use scissors when making pictures with lots of gluing and sticking.
  • Lots of playing outside, in the garden or at the park.
  • Riding a bike or scooter
  • Ensure your child is safe but give them room to wobble and learn to balance and jump and land safely

More ideas at the Imagination Tree


Ideas for supporting your child with speech and language needs

  • Have time to talk with your child with as little background noise as possible.  Turn the TV and radio off and play and talk together
  • Don’t correct your child by saying that was wrong, instead model back to them how it should have be said.
  • Make comments and prompts rather than ask questions.  E.g. It looks like you have had a busy day rather than what have you been doing?
  • Sing lots of song and nursery rhymes and read lots of stories to your child.

Ideas for supporting your child in school

  • Make sure they have everything they need, PE kits can be left at school all week and with younger children leave them all term.
  • Make sure they have a book bag with them every day and for older children make sure they have a suitable bag for bringing home letters, homework and books.
  • Discuss their learning and behaviour.  What have they enjoyed?
  • Be enthusiastic about what they have been doing?
  • Find out about how they are doing.  A great way to do this is by coming to parents evening.
  • Build their confidence to have a try by praising effort more than achievement.
  • Talk to us!  If you have a problem or are not sure of how something works then please come and ask.

Support groups and websites

PAACT (Lincolnshire Autism Support) – E-mail

Lincolnshire ADHD Support Group – E-mail