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Why A Positive Mental Attitude Is So Important For Effective Learning

This year, the staff and children at Ermine Primary Academy will be looking at a very special way of thinking.


We firmly believe that for the children to have the best start in life, they must have firm foundations beneath them. These foundations are built upon a resilient and positive mental attitude. This attitude comes from having a growth mindset-the opposite of a fixed mindset!

Having a growth mindset is about a strong belief that your life, and your level of ambition and success, is not set from birth. It is not something set in stone. It is not something you cannot do anything about!

Over the next few weeks, teachers will be sharing growth mindset ideas and language with the children. They will be challenging the children’s negative and defeatist language!


We want our children to succeed!

To be able to overcome challenges and set their aspirations high! They can do it!

Two of our Y6 children said:

‘Having a growth mindset really helps because when you are working you think you can do it’ and ‘It makes you believe in yourself when you have a difficult piece of work’


 Ask your children about growth mindset today!