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What Is The Lincolnshire Learning Partnership For Schools?

Lincolnshire’s Learning Partnership: No School left behind

About LLP

“The benefits of schools working together to lead school improvement are well-established and have led to a broad range of bespoke professional development opportunities, specialist expertise, innovative school improvement and improved outcomes in teaching and learning, progress and attainment, and inspection.

A task and design group of head teachers from across Lincolnshire have worked extensively on designing a system for sector led self-improvement, exploring national systems and developments surrounding the sector-led approach.  Consultation has taken place with a range of stakeholders, including head teachers and governor workshops. 


In essence, a Lincolnshire Learning Partnership will be established offering peer review training and networks, quality assurance and excellent CPD opportunities with a Partnership Board of head teachers taking ownership of the strategic vision for education in Lincolnshire.”

This is taken directly from the LLP website. It perfectly sums up where Lincolnshire is heading and how passionate all head teachers in Lincolnshire are about the idea of sector-led self-improvement.


The role of head teachers, and indeed schools, is changing.

We all have a collective responsibility to support and challenge each other in order for every child to be educated as successfully as possible. Teachers and head teachers will all be collaborating with each other with a view to providing school improvement for all.

From my point of view so far, this system has seen Ermine Primary Academy become part of an incredibly passionate, challenging and honest group of schools for whom the moral purpose is the same; to offer a suitable level of support and challenge in order for every school in that group to become better at what they do for the benefit of every child. We no longer feel responsible for the children in our own schools, but for the children in each other’s schools as well.


So what have we actually achieved so far?

We have visited each other’s schools, talked to staff, children and governors. We have given 

each other ideas of where to go next, of how to do something better and congratulated each other on the things we are doing well. We have ‘borrowed’ ideas, strategies and procedures from each other. We have shared resources and training opportunities. We have ensured subject leaders from different schools get the chance to meet and talk about their subjects. We have all felt the shared responsibility of reviewing and improving all our schools for the benefit of each and every child.


And finally,

The most exciting prospect of all this collaboration is that it is only going to get bigger! The impact of the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership will only continue to increase. Ermine Primary Academy, and all of the children in its community, will feel the benefit of this impact. I, for one, am very excited by what the future holds!