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Top Tips On How To Survive Your First Days At School

That date circled on the calendar has finally arrived – it’s your child’s first day at Ermine Primary Academy. There is a buzz in the house. A sense of excitement, apprehension 

curiosity – and that’s just your feelings as a parent.

We all have the same worries ahead of our children’s first day – what if they don’t make any friends, or simply hate it and don’t settle?  Remember though, even though you may be feeling tentative about letting go of your child’s hand on that first day, they may be more than ready for their big adventure to

So wipe away those tears and get ready for a brand new adventure in both your lives!

Be organised

Nothing’s going to make that first day at school more fretful than you tearing round trying to find a change of clothes and the paperwork you need to sign. Pack your child’s bag in advance every night before a school day.

Get label happy

One of the banes of school life is losing possessions – and something will inevitably go astray. You can minimise losses by encouraging him to look after his own belongings, putting things away in bags and hanging items on the named peg we will provide for you. When it comes to labelling clothing, write his initials in the label or iron in a name tag. Everyone’s clothes will look the same!

 See him settle

It’s true that the reason most children cry when you drop them off at school is because you’re still there, and once you leave they’re fine. Our staff will make your child’s
first days as comfortable as possible; your child will be fine.

Plan a distraction

Whether it’s coffee with your mum or a shopping trip with a girlfriend, make sure you have something fun to keep you occupied during those first few days. If you can meet up with a mum who’s an old hand at starting school, even better, as she can reassure you if you begin to worry.


Talk to your child’s teacher

Let us know if there are any issues at home that might affect your child’s behaviour – we can then keep you updated on her progress.


Remember, we will contact you

If you’re finding it difficult to relax and stop worrying, remind yourself that the school will always call you if there’s a problem with your child.


Hide your tears

As a parent, you have to accept that this is an important stage in your child’s development and they are becoming more independent. Put on a brave face, then go round the corner and weep.

And when that glorious first day is done, you can start the age-old tradition of asking, “What did you get up to at school today?” Then let him recount his tales of glory and defeat, of friendships made and games played.


Remember, there’s so much to look forward to

As you’re walking down the road on that very first day, remind yourself that there’s a whole cast of new characters to get to know – teachers, children, other parents – and a plot that is yet to be written.


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