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The Romans, By Year 3

Last term Year 3 completed their Roman topic and they showed great enthusiasm for their learning!

We took a step back in time and watched virtual reality videos of when Mount Vesuvius dramatically erupted and devastated the town of Pompeii. The children wrote imaginative and descriptive pieces of writing which recounted the events that unfolded over 24 hours. Everyone was so excited to record themselves reading their work in front of a ‘green screen’ picture of the volcano and really enjoyed listening to each other’s ideas!

The children researched the types of food the Romans used to eat and were pretty disgusted with what they found out….the richer Romans ate things such as stuffed dormice, flamingo tongues and jellyfish which were considered delicacies! Using this information, Year 3 designed their own Roman themed menus. Some children tried to make them sound as appetizing as possible while others created the most disgusting sounding meals!

Year 3 took a trip down to The Collection in Lincoln for lots of Roman themed workshops. On our way we were able to see for ourselves the Roman ruins we still have today including the Newport Arch, the setts which showed where columns once stood and the Roman wall still visible inside one of the shops on Steep Hill. Once we were at the museum the children discovered new facts about the Romans and saw many artefacts that have been found by archeologists in our very own city! They took part in workshops which included wearing soldier armour and learning how to march in formation. The children designed their own shields using Roman symbols and became mini-archeologists digging for real and replica artefacts.

It has been brilliant to see how much the children enjoyed this topic and it was clear to see by the amount of extra research and work done at home and then shared at school!