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The EPA Plan For The Academic Year – Make The School Better Plan

Welcome back everyone! A new academic year is beginning, another year full of opportunity and excitement for all our pupils.

The first thing I would like to do this year is share with all of you the plans for making the school better (our development plan).

The plan is written based on a number of factors: the outcomes from last year, various activities in school that decide how well we are doing, such as lesson observations, and pupil, staff and parent feedback.

The 5-Point Plan

The plan is split into five aims and each one is explained in terms of how we intend to achieve them.

Aim 1:   To ensure that our children achieve the best possible results at the end of year two and year six.

  • Ensure that reading lessons are much better at teaching the children the skills they need.

  • Ensure that the classes children are in for maths gives them the skills they need.

  • Ensure that the children enjoy and feel challenged in lessons.

  • Ensure that children are attending school as much as possible.

Aim 2:    To make the teaching just as effective and comparable in Nursery as it is in Reception at the same time as making sure the move into year one is as good as it can be.

  • Ensure the teaching and the ideas teachers have in reception is also in Nursery.

  • Ensure the children in year one are ready for what year one children need to achieve.

  • Ensure the teachers know exactly what should be happening in Nursery, reception and year one.

Aim 3:    The teachers and children will make sure that the lessons are as good at helping everyone learn as possible.

  • Ensuring that all the adults learn from each other and practice what really good teaching is.

  • Ensure that we all have a growth mindset to help us be determined and resilient.

  • Ensure that we learn about thinking skills to help us overcome problems.

Aim 4:   Make sure that the subjects you are taught are interesting, engaging and enthuse you to learn. 

  • Ensure your maths learning objectives are spread out evenly over the year, so things are not left out or left until the end of the year.

  • Ensure number and times tables are taught every day for at least 10 minutes.

  • Ensure every theme is introduced with a launch day and rounded off with a celebration event with parents.

  • Ensure you have a trip or a visitor for each topic.

  • Ensure all the spellings you need are taught over the year and discussed in your reading and writing lessons.

Aim 5:   To help everyone to feel happy and healthy in and out of school.

  • Ensure that your time in school becomes more active and healthier.

  • Ensure everyone knows that PE is an important subject within school and give you plenty of after-school clubs to join and take part in.

  • Ensure all the teachers in school feel excited about teaching PE.

We will re-visit these aims in December to see how much progress we have made. Help us achieve our aims for this academic year and ensure our children have the best possible experience at school!

Andrew Sale – Head Teacher