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The Ancient Greeks – A Tale Of Year Six Study

The autumn term in year six is all about studying an ancient civilisation, getting to know how they lived and looking at the progress they made in terms of technology, discoveries and inventions whilst comparing and contrasting to the ‘here and now’. The Ancient Greeks are, of course, particularly interesting and significant – their impact on modern civilisation is still felt now and the children love finding out what this looks like!

Year six start by looking closely at artefacts recovered from the time of the Ancient Greeks: vases, pots, pictures, ruins; all kinds of primary evidence that can tell us about them. Children loved making inferences about the Greek lifestyles as we adopt the role of an archaeologist or historian!

Moving on, our children looked closely at how Ancient Greece was organised into city states and how each state had its own set of rules and leaders. With a little help from Horrible Histories, we decided where we would prefer to live and why!

We have looked into the religious beliefs of this ancient civilisation too. Year six looked into their gods and goddesses, the significance of Mount Olympus, how they worshipped and why and perhaps most interestingly, the way in which they believed the gods were responsible for looking after every aspect of their lives. If the Gods weren’t happy, the people wouldn’t be happy or successful. For example, the harvest would depend on the gods, the result of a battle or how beautiful you were!

Year six have also been quite creative, showing off their skills using clay by making some masks to go alongside their learning on Greek entertainment.

We have looked at the findings and achievements of Aristotle, the pioneering scientist (among other things) and emulated his work by sorting and classifying plants and animals by their characteristics.

Year six have very much enjoyed their time with the Ancient Greeks. Next, it’s on to World War Two!