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Saving our Oceans – how Year 2 children think we can help.

During spring term, year 2’s topic was based all around animals. We learnt about different habitats, food chains, animal groups and animals and their young. One of the points that got us thinking was the issue with plastic pollution and how many animals, especially sea creatures and birds, were endangered and dying because of the waste being put into our seas. We investigated what plastic was and why it is used so much and also found out the problems it is causing, especially when it is in our seas. We watched clips from Sir David Attenborough’s programme Blue Planet and looked at photographs taken of the damages it is causing to our seas. The children were not happy when learning facts such as 99% of sea birds have ingested plastic, 70% of sea turtles have eaten plastic and, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish!

These facts, along with some shocking photographs, made us feel that something needed to be done and awareness of this issue needed to be spread. So once we collected all of our information about plastic, its uses and what is happening in our seas, we went about creating posters and leaflets to spread the word. In the leaflet we also included what we can do to help. We found that reusing plastic items such as bottles and bags are very important so we don’t keep throwing them away. Recycling plastic instead of throwing it in the general waste can also help the pollution and ensure the waste plastic is turned into other products rather than sitting in landfill. This was important as we learnt that it can take up to 500 years for a plastic bottle to break down! We also needed to make sure that when people go to the beach they take their rubbish home with them or that it is put securely in a bin so it can’t fly out and end up in the sea.


Once we had done all this we then looked at photographs from beaches and oceans that had been cleaned up and where animals have been protected and we couldn’t believe how beautiful and tranquil it all looked. Year 2 all agreed that that is how we want our planet to look like, not filled with rubbish and plastic and we hope that you feel the same too!