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Our Visit To The International Bomber Command Centre

Y6’s trip to the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln


Last week, year six visited the International Bomber Command Centre in order to understand more about the role of the RAF in world war two.  Year six were also very interested in the role that Lincolnshire played in the war. We wanted to know why it is nicknamed the Bomber County!


The children took part in three different activities, which the staff there very kindly led. Activity one was a tour of the spire. This amazing, thought-provoking monument is a respectful reminder of the 58,000 people who lost their lives working with and as part of the RAF in Lincolnshire.

Another activity, saw the children discussing and handling real-life artefacts from the 1940’s and donning the clothes of those who were flying planes at that time! It really brought to life the experiences that members of the RAF and others went through.


The third and final activity, saw the children experience the sights and sounds of the fantastically immersive exhibition centre. his was where the children were able to watch four short films about the war, see and hear individual experiences from survivors and learn and get involved in how Bomber Command led planes to their targets. This is a wonderful resource that everyone in the county should pay a visit to!


Now the children have come back and reflected on their trip, they are hard at work on writing a recount of their experiences of a member of a Lancaster Bomber during the height of the war. They are including as many facts and figures they can remember from the exhibition centre and describing a single mission that a Lancaster Bomber may have taken part in. Year six will continue to use their first-hand experiences to create their own thought-provoking and respectful work. Many thanks to the team at the International Bomber Command centre!