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Our New School Values 2019

Dear Parents/Carers


Welcome back. I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. I have certainly enjoyed chatting to the children today about what they have been up to.


As I start my second term as Headteacher of Ermine Primary Academy I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share with you some of the developments that have occurred.


My main discussions with parents have been over behaviour which I have been monitoring very closely. The majority of the incidences occur during lunchtimes so we have made some major changes that I am sure you will agree will have an extremely positive impact on the children.


Firstly, we have made some changes to school timetable. Assembly will now be at 9.00am which will set the children up to a calm and focussed start to the day. Please remember that this will mean a change of time to our achievers assembly.  Secondly, the one-hour lunchtime will be reduced to 45mins. We have found that the children find the time too long and this causes friendship issues. The children also find playtime quite boring therefore we have spent several hundred pounds on new playtime equipment for them to enjoy.


Lunchtime staff, who will now wear hi-vis jackets so children can locate them quickly, have been trained in a range of games and will lead lots of activities to help teach the children some traditional playtime games which will provide structure and reduce opportunities for conflict. Indoor lunchtime club will continue for those children who prefer indoor supervised play such as board games. Finally, children who wish to play football will sign a contract to say that they will play fairly. There will be a referee that must be respected at all times and at the end of the game the children will be encouraged to shake hands and discuss the game with each other.


Today, we have also launched our new values that we want to underpin everything we do at Ermine Primary Academy. These 5 values are: RespectResilienceAspirationPride and Kindness. These values have come from work I have done with Staff, Pupils, Governors and Parents.  Hopefully your children will start to mention these values to you at home and how they are able to live these values at school and beyond. The expectation of these values is that everyone in our school community, including staff and parents, abides by them and models these regularly to the children.


We have already looked briefly at ‘Pride’ and I have started to encourage our children to take pride in their uniform and appearance. As parents you can support this by ensuring that your child wears the correct school uniform and presents themselves smartly at school, for example by tucking in their shirt.


I hope that as parents you welcome these initial changes and see the benefits that this can have to our school family. I believe that we can make Ermine Primary Academy a central part of our community and by working together give our children the best start in life.


Yours sincerely

D Manby