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Meet The Ermine Primary E-Safety Squad

E Safety week is a national annual event to focus schools’ attentions, ensuring our pupils use the internet carefully. For this to be truly effective though, we value these messages continually throughout the school year so that the children can build on their IT skills and develop their understanding to avoid any potential dangers when working on line. Computers, laptops and tablets are used daily to support children’s learning throughout all of the key stages so it is important for our children to use these confidently and safely.


Welcome To The EPA E-Safety Squad

We take E-Safety very seriously here at Ermine Primary Academy and one area the pupils have embraced is the forming of an E-Safety Squad across the whole school. Click the video below to meet the EPA E-Safety Squad and find out what their responsibilities are on a day to day basis, to keep other children safe online.


What Is Your Job ?

The E Safety Squad  have been busy learning how to help other children and how to give advice if they come across a problem whilst on the internet.

What Have You Been Doing This Week?

The Squad explain how they have been making posters to display around school which give important information for the rest of the children to stay safe when using laptops, tablets and computers, both at home and at school. They have also been discovering the difference between personal and public information and how to be careful with personal information when on line.

What is a very important tip to stay safe on line?

The Squad share important tips to help others at home and at school. They advise that children should always show an adult anything which pops up on screen which they are unsure of. They also are very aware of the dangers of cyber bullying.

Want To Know More ?

Make sure you check out our series of E Safety videos on YouTube – Ermine Primary YouTube Channel – which explain important information how to keep safe when using Snapchat,  Pokemon Go and