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Key Stage 2 – Year 6 & The Ancient Greeks

This term, year six have been studying the Ancient Greeks, a civilisation that began around 1100BC and ended (at the hands of the Romans) around a thousand years later. Take a look at our display!


The Ancient Greeks had a huge influence on the world and modern civilisation and we have been looking at the ways in which the Ancient Greeks still influence us today.
We have studied the timeline of the civilisation. We took great interest in the work of Aristotle and based some of our own science work on his techniques! Have a look at this amazing example of a key we created.


In geography, we have studies a map of Europe in order to fully understand the position of Greece now and how much of Europe Ancient Greece had back then. We ensured we understood that it was made up of ‘city states’ and we paid close attention to the differences between Athens and Sparta. In fact, we wrote our own reports about it. Some of us even discussed how your gender would have affected your lifestyle. Many of us decided however, whether you were male or female, that Athens was a much more pleasant place to live!
We have been looking at the Greek pottery that was made and tried our hand at our own! What do you think?


We also read some of the famous myths from Ancient Greek times. We particularly enjoyed ‘Jason and the Argonauts (or Golden Fleece)’ and ‘The Twelve Labours of Hercules’.
We wrote our own myths. Here is the opening to one of our own!


We are currently working on a diary written from the point of view of Hercules as he informally records the events of his labours. We are thoroughly enjoying being in the role of Hercules, and deciding on what kind of person he might have been and shaping the diary around his personality as well as his labours!
Year Six have enjoyed, and are still enjoying, their studies of Ancient Greece.