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How We Use Homework At Ermine

Hello everyone.

In this blog, I discuss the purpose and benefits of homework at Ermine Primary and the reasons behind the recent changes to our homework policy. I know that many parents have strong views about homework and I hope, with this blog, to put your minds at rest as to why changes have been made.

Firstly, allow me to look at the evidence regarding homework and what this means for us.

The education endowment foundation says the following about homework. I will take each point in turn.

  1. Overall, homework in primary schools does not appear to lead to large increases in learning.
  2. Effective homework is associated with greater parental involvement and support.
  3. The broader evidence base suggests that short focused tasks or activities which relate directly to what is being taught, and which are built upon in school, are likely to be more effective than regular daily homework.

As a school, we have to be mindful of the pressures children face and of the incredible amount of paperwork that teachers already have to do. Adding more to this by way of homework seems unnecessary. We have decided to ask children and parents to practice skills that underpin effective learning and progress – reading (this can mean listening to your child read, helping with 

unknown words, discussing what words mean, discussing and summarising the plot, talking about character motives, asking for opinions about a character or a plot or reading to your child), practicing a spelling rule (you could use the strategy look, cover, write, check) and learning multiplication facts (as these are important for so many aspects of maths). I think the key point here is the fact that all these tasks can be done quickly and in short bursts, they all involve a parent or carer helping and checking (especially if you then give feedback in the homework journal every child has) and they are all built on work that is done on a daily basis in school.

However, other research shows that homework can be effective if the child has chosen to do it. To this end, children are able to request additional homework or complete projects or research at home. This would result in the child receiving house point rewards for this additional homework! Also, parents can request additional homework if they feel there is a need for some extra practice with something.

If you want more information about this research, then here is the link.

Other than that, if you have any questions or queries please come into school and talk to us.

Happy homeworking!