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How We Celebrate Reading At School

Since September, Ermine Primary Academy has been focusing on reading and it has been integrated in many aspects of the school day.

All classes have ERIC time (Everyone Reads In Class) once a day where children get to enjoy a book from home, the bookshelf or library. This is the perfect opportunity for the adults in class to listen to some of the children’s beautiful reading. As well as this we have whole class story time at least 3 times a week from Nursery all the way up to Year 6. Some of the books children have enjoyed listening to are ‘The book with no Pictures’, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ and ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. Each year group has reviewed their class read and the reviews can be seen on our reading review display down the corridor. Reviewing The World’s Worst Children by David Walliams, one Year 6 child wrote,


‘I would recommend this book to children because it is fun and guaranteed to make you laugh!’

Year 2 read The BFG and they gave it a 5 star review with the class commenting,


‘My favourite part is when Sophie hides in the snozzcumber and comes out all messy.’

Reading the reviews from around the school, it looks like so many children have thoroughly enjoyed their class read this term and lots of children have been inspired by the reviews on display.

Another great success has been the opening of our library during lunchtimes. This has allowed children to go into the library to issue out books, sit and read with a friend and catch up on reading that has not been completed at home. Children are enjoying the wide variety of books on offer and the number of books being issued is increasing each week which is great to see.


School Book Fair

One way we have increased the amount of books in our library is by holding two half price book fairs every year. Every book for sale is half price and it is always a very popular event. The book fair will be visiting Ermine Primary Academy again this year from Tuesday 29th November until Monday 5th December so we can’t wait to see how many children purchase new books to read and which exciting new books we can get for our children to enjoy in the library.


Reading At Home

It has been so pleasing to see so many children are passionate and enthusiastic about what they are reading both at home and in school. We loved to hear which books have caught their imaginations and which they would recommend. So many children now are reading at home at least 3 times a week, so we encourage adults to keep signing the children’s blue school diaries to prove this. This is so we can enter them into the reading star prize draw! Last term 4 children were randomly selected and won two new books each all because they consistently read 3 or more times every week. We hope this term there are so many more children to choose from!