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How much should my child know before starting school?

It goes without saying that by taking the utmost care and attention ahead of your child starting school, your little boy or girl will feel both happy and ultimately confident on their first day.

While first day nerves and tears is perfectly normal, ensuring your child has learnt the following basic skills won’t only mean they are more likely to adapt to school life better but you can rest assured that you’ve done everything in your powers to encourage them.


Getting changed for playtime

We all don’t need reminding just how bleak our winters can be here in the UK so getting your child to practice putting on and taking off their coat is a paramount basic skill.

Teachers will want to ensure a swift transition between playtime and PE to the classroom environment so informing your child how to zip up their coat, lace their shoes and button up their uniform is wholly beneficial.


Eating their lunch

Whether what children eat is served in a lunchbox or on a school dinner plate, teaching your child to open the box or use cutlery is again, totally worth it.

Dining rooms are often noisy and busy environments for children to make their voice heard so empowering them to eat their own lunch on their own accord is vital.


Asking for something

While we mentioned on our previous point that children being able to fend do things on their own is incredibly important, they shouldn’t be afraid to ask for assistance at the same time.

Whether your child is incredibly confident or really shy, try and teach your children to make eye contact with their teacher while informing them of good manners whether it is saying please and thank you or raising their hand to ask a question.


Going to the bathroom

Definitely one of the most important basic skills on our shortlist, teaching your child to use the bathroom is hugely important.

Many children arrive at school having not been toilet trained and if teachers need to step in, this can waste time and prove detrimental to other children’s’ learning in class.

Therefore, ensure you assist your child in the bathroom at home so that they are confident in this environment during school time.