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Harvest Festival At Ermine

It’s that time of year again! Ermine Primary Academy has just filled St John’s Church to celebrate all that is Harvest!

The tradition of a Harvest Festival dates back well into history, but the reasons we still celebrate are valid and meaningful today. The way we celebrate may have changed, but the reasons to celebrate are still very important and relevant, especially in a rural county like ours.

A Harvest Festival is described as ‘an annual celebration that occurs around the time of the main harvest of a given region. Given the differences in climate and crops around the world, harvest festivals can be found at various times at different places. Harvest festivals typically feature feasting, both family and public, with foods that are drawn from crops that come to maturity around the time of the festival. Ample food and freedom from the necessity to work in the fields are two central features of harvest festivals: eating, merriment, contests and music are common features of harvest festivals around the world.’ I also like the idea that back in the day, people would celebrate the fact that they could have a rest from working the fields!


As I explained to the children today, we celebrate the fact we have such an abundant amount of food that we are able to grow. 

We take a moment to pause and say thank you and to understand that some of us take food for granted. We therefore collect food that the children and their families, generously bring to school, so we can donate this to the community larder. We discussed the fact that some families are not so lucky and cannot take for granted the fact there is always food available. If you think you require some help, or just want to know more about it, please visit their website

Please enjoy the images of Ermine Primary enjoying their Harvest celebrations, and thank you again, from the whole community, for donating so generously this year.