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Grow Your Own Potatoes Challenge 2019s Challenge 2019

The children in red and orange classes have been busy planting potatoes for the national ‘Grow your own potatoes’ competition for 2019. This is a great campaign to help children learn about where their food comes from and what we need to do to help it grow the best it can.

We were sent all the equipment we needed to get started with clear instructions and dates of when to follow each step. The classes have already been looking at the seed potatoes in the classrooms and watching how the roots have been developing, before being planted. They then needed to decide on the best place in the outside area to plant the potatoes and keep the growing bags: not too sunny, not too shady, not too windy – it was quite a challenge but they finally decided that the best spot was against the pink shed!

The children worked together to fill the bags with the compost and planted the 2 different types of potatoes into the separate bags, watering them carefully. We have also put an extra potato into a clear container, which we have been observing how the roots have been developing under the ground.


We are very excited to watch what happens – our Potato Watch teams check each morning for any slugs and snails which need removing, so that they don’t damage the plants, as well as any signs of growth which they can report back on.


As well as potatoes we have also been planting peas, beans, tomatoes and cucumbers in our vegetable tyres which we are looking forward to harvesting in the summer and, hopefully, tasting them too!