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Experience A Lesson With Your Child

Experience a lesson with your child!

Every year, we aim to invite parents and carers into the classrooms to experience learning with their child.


This week, the Spring term invitations have started to roll out across the school. Although parents and carers have been invited already to see Read Write Inc, it is now the turn of all the class teachers to show what learning is like in their classes! It is a very interesting experience, and one that hopefully differs quite considerably from the parents’ own experiences from their time in school!

Here at Ermine Primary, we value very much the input of the children and their parents, so to help people give an informed view, for the school to have an insight into how people can see areas to improve on or just because we are all committed to giving our children the best start in life and want to find out what is really going on, then this opportunity shouldn’t be missed!


On Friday the 10th of March for example, we had 31 visitors to Y3! The parents, carers and children all enjoyed learning about estimating and measuring in maths. The lesson took place outside and involved lots of physical activity as children were estimating ‘how long’ or ‘how many’ before actually carrying the activity out (such as catching a ball or jumping) and comparing their estimate to the actual end result. I hope everyone enjoyed their learning experience!

There may be times when the classroom is too full and we have to say we cannot accept any more visitors – don’t worry, as we will put on additional sessions if there is a need!


In conclusion, we would love you to join us and please give us any feedback, positive or otherwise, so we can reflect on what we are doing well and what we need to improve on further! Most importantly though, we all hope, if you managed to visit us, that you enjoyed your experience and appreciate the hard work and commitment the staff put in every day to help your children learn!