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EPA Newsletter: November newsletter 2017

Thank you for reading the latest newsletter from Ermine Primary.

A time to reflect!
This seems like a good opportunity to reflect on the first term we have just had. It was a term of a huge number of very settled and happy children, all working hard and enjoying their lessons. We have had trips, visitors and many opportunities for parents to join their children and share and celebrate the learning that has happened. Thank you for your continued support in the school and all the things we are trying to achieve.


Young Carers

Well done to our team of Young Carers, who along with Miss Thompson, who spoke today to the Lincoln Safeguarding Board. We are all so proud of them.


Social media reminder!

Just a quick reminder that we have a school website which you can visit on – We also have a dedicated Facebook and Twitter account – please search for Ermine Primary Academy and follow us.


Children’s University and after-school clubs

As always, our clubs continue to offer children the chance to work towards a special university graduation ceremony! All you need to do is ask a member of staff for a Children’s University Passport and get it stamped for every club session you attend! If anyone is approaching 30 stamps, please let me know because there is a graduation ceremony date coming up in early December!



A reminder that the EFG will be selling tea, coffee and juice at the Parents evenings this week, they will also have some spare uniform for sale. On Friday during Children in Need day they will be selling cakes at lunchtime, if your child is in Y6 they can leave money with the office and we will put cakes away for them. If anyone can help with baking a few cakes it will be much appreciated please drop them off at the office during the morning. We are always on the look out for new members to join our friends group, please see Mrs Ray in the office if you have any spare time.



Please see the bottom of this page for the dates of nativity, carol concert and discos etc. tickets will be available towards the end of November. The Christmas Fair is on 5 December, I hope you can all make it, if anyone has any donations for the raffle that would be much appreciated.




Please can we ask parents/carers to be mindful about where they park before and after school. There should be no-one parked on the zig zag lines and please do not block any of the residence driveways. Some of our parents have been very rude to members of the public who also use the pathways and road, it doesn’t make for a good example to our children when bad language is used outside of the school gates.


Parent View

If you can spare some time, please log into Parent View to let us know your opinion.