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EPA Newsletter: March newsletter 2018

Thank you for reading the latest newsletter from Ermine Primary.


Parents Evening

Letters have been sent out for you to book an appointment with your class teacher next week. (See diary dates overleaf). The EFG will be in the hall serving tea/coffee and selling uniform. The teachers will be in the Big Hall the same as last time so please wait in the small hall until your appointment time.



Just to remind you all that the safeguarding team in school are Mrs Richards, Mrs Sperrin, Mrs Hoyland and Mr Barnard. Information regarding safeguarding is available on the website at the following address A reminder that larder vouchers are available in school please come to the reception and ask for Mrs Sperrin if you would like one.


World Book Day

This has been re-arranged for Thursday 29 March. The theme of the day this year is “share a story / bedtime stories” and we are inviting children to come to school in their pyjamas. They could bring with them a teddy, pillow and blanket if they want as the children will be enjoying stories throughout the day and these items will make it extra special. A reminder that if you have any pictures for us to share of children reading stories in unusual/different places please send them in as soon as possible, we have some lovely ones already. Class 8 –please bring a change of clothes for when they go swimming, thank you.


Hands up who's on a SNOW DAY? 
It's the perfect excuse to cuddle up & #ShareAStory together ?
Head to our website for free downloads & activities to keep everyone busy while it's snowy outside #snowday #SNOWMAGGEDON


Easter Raffle

Raffle tickets are now available, please fill in the slip and send it back with the money. The raffle will be drawn Thursday 29 March, if your child is in nursery this may be on a different day depending on their sessions. There will also be an Easter Bonnet parade so we look forward to seeing some eggcellent designs, the best from each year group will win a smashing Easter egg. We would be very grateful for any donations of Easter eggs to make the raffle even more exciting.



Again, a big thank you to our EFG for continuing to support the school and run events, sell tea and coffee and uniform. The February half term cake sale raised £215.71, thank you for all the cakes that were donated. The next cake sale will be on Thursday 29 March last day of term. If anyone would like to join the group please see Mrs Ray.


Sports Relief

This year for sport relief we are going on a quest, a 'Quest for the fittest class!' We will be tallying up scores for each class for sporting accomplishments such as walking to school, completing a mile a day walk/dance/jog and you can even earn points by remembering your P.E. kit and attending your after school clubs! Additionally, teachers will be getting involved by challenging themselves to achieve the most steps per day, the winner also earning points for their class! There will be a prize for the winnings class at the end of the week. We will also be celebrating by wearing non-uniform on Friday 23rd March. Any donations towards Sports Relief are voluntary but welcomed.


Parent Surgery

Don’t forget you are all welcome to join the Senior Leaders of the school for a chat or to discuss any concerns every Monday morning from 9.00 till 10.00 am.


SAT’s Week

For Year 6 children this will be from Monday 14 May for one week, please can children be in every day and parents contact us if there are any problems as soon as possible. For Year 2 children this will be from Monday 14 May for two weeks again if possible can the children be in every day and let us know if they are poorly. Many thanks.



Please don’t forget you can check out the amazing achievements of our children every week by looking at our twitter and Facebook pages. Our children who achieve star of the week and those classes that have a fantastic week with attendance are always there! Click ‘like’ and re-tweet or share!

Well done to all of our wonderful Stars of the Week, Maths and Writing stars, Class 2 and 5 for Perfect Attendance and to Brayfordfor winning the house cup.

— Ermine Primary EPA (@ErminePrimary) March 16, 2018



Please can we ask parents/carers to be mindful about where they park before and after school. There should be no-one parked on the zig zag lines and please do not block any of the residence driveways. Some of our parents have been very rude to members of the public who also use the pathways and road, it doesn’t make for a good example to our children when bad language is used outside of the school gates. For those parents who drive their children to school please be mindful as to how you drive and park as we have had several phone calls from members of the public suggesting that speed is an issue and also letting the children out of the cars straight onto the road is a danger to our children.