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Developing Curiosity Of The Natural World

Happy new year everybody!

At the start of 2017, I will be asking the children in assemblies this week to reflect on the beauty of the world around them! I will be aiming for that feeling of awe and wonder as the children will be exposed to all manner of amazing sights from all over the world. I want them to be curious about their world.

Here at Ermine Primary Academy, we all believe it is important that the children get that sense of being part of something, and indeed belonging to, a world full of fascinating and awe-inspiring natural wonders. We want the children to understand that there is a wealth of new experiences to be had and that they can be part of that if they feel inspired to find out more. In assembly this week, the children will have the opportunity to think about how they might get that opportunity…whether it be through merely being interested and finding out more from the comfort of their own home or being so inspired that they focus their minds on their work in order to be able to get the right job to experience these wonders first hand!

The children will be introduced to such amazing sights, such as the Northern Lights as seen from Alaska, a waterfall in Ghana, something as commonly seen as a rainbow and even a beautiful photo of a sunset across Lincolnshire! How many of us actually stop to just focus on how amazing these things are? How many of us take the time to reflect on the natural beauty of the world we live in? I would like the children to do this, even for just a short time, this week. Maybe some of the children could share their own experiences, or even take part in a simple experiment to create their own version of a rainbow!


Thank you for reading – I will leave you with one of the images we will be looking at this week!