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Co-op Community Champions: we’ve made the final shortlist!

We have submitted a bid to the Community Champion Co-op on Riseholme Road, Lincoln to raise funds to support our Young Carers at Lincoln Castle Academy and Ermine Primary Academy.  We are pleased to announce we have been shortlisted to become Community Champions later in the year.

Please support our application by voting for us.

You can vote online by visiting  from 11th March to 12th April 2019.  To vote you will need to register your Dividend Card online and verify your email address.  Once you have registered you may vote for Lincoln Castle Academy/Ermine Primary Academy Young Carers through the Riseholme Road, Lincoln, store.  The system also allows you to vote for Community Champions at other Co-op stores but you will only have one vote per dividend card per store.

Young Carers Group.

This a group set up in school to support children who are Young Carers for parents, siblings, and relatives.  There are no restrictions who can join the group which covers Primary and Secondary age children. The group’s aim is to offer respite activities and regular support meetings within school to celebrate and support the amazing work Young Carers undertake every single day.

The Young Carers group was set up over 6 years ago and it has been growing from strength to strength since. It initially set up with 5 Young Carers and now has over 70 students across Lincoln Castle Academy and our main primary feeder school (Ermine Primary). The support sessions are run to allow all Young Carers to meet and openly discuss their caring roles and gain support from staff in order to re-address the balance of home and school life. These support sessions teach students key skills in order to feel empowered to complete their caring responsibilities. The sessions also allow Young Carers to share ideas and to plan activities for respite opportunities. These sessions take place once a week for 40 mins.

The Young Carers group also runs respite trips for all Young Carers to allow them to take part in activities and life experiences that they might not get due to their caring role. In the past the group has had picnics, bouncy castles and cinema trips.

In the future we would love to continue to support the rising numbers of Young Carers and recognise more Young Carers within schools, as well as to continue to provide amazing respite activities and support.