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Book Fair At Ermine

The book fair is coming!

Our beloved book fair will be coming to our school again. From the 5th June until the 11th June children (and adults!) can come and buy books and stationery all at HALF PRICE! This is an event that is really well received and established and this will be the fifth year of doing it.

Children will get the opportunity during the day it arrives to browse the stands and look at the books on offer to see which ones they might like. This shows just how passionate and excited children get about reading books. All books are half price their marked price. Some come to us already with a discount but we halve that price again so that you can purchase some absolute bargains! The half price offer also applies to the posters, pointing sticks and stationery that arrives too!

The book fair will be opened from when the gates are opened at 8.30am until 9am and then it will reopen for home time, 3.00pm until 3.45pm. There will be a card machine or pay by phone option if you haven’t got any cash on you, which makes the process easier. There are always lots of  very popular books and authors on the shelves that do sell out quickly but we have a direct contact line to order more so, if there is anything you would like that isn’t left on the shelf, you can speak to an adult and it can be ordered for the next day.

The reason we continue to run this school fair is that, not only does it give you a chance to bag a bargain; we also get a percentage of the total of books sold to spend on books for our school library. Over the years our library has grown enormously and now it is an integral part of our school. It is open twice a day, morning play and lunch, and every time you go in there it is being well used and enjoyed by so many children. We could not have made the library we have today without your support. Through buying books at the book fair, donating money on Roald Dahl Day and World Book Day and being part of the Community Matters scheme in Waitrose, we have managed to restock the library full of popular fiction and non-fiction plus add seating and cushions. Thank you for this support. It means so much to the children and staff at school and we look forward to seeing many happy children purchasing books at the book fair!