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Balanceability comes to Ermine!

It’s been such an exciting start to the new term down in Foundation Stage 2.

It’s been such an exciting start to the new term down in Foundation Stage 2. Amongst lots of other things some of the children have started the ‘Balanceabilty’ programme. Balanceabilty is an accredited learn to cycle programme for children up to the age of 6 years old. The main aims and focuses of balanceability is to develop the child’s balance, gross motor skills, coordination and spacial awareness. All of these skills filter into all elements of the school day, and even into the making of writing hands (but that’s a whole other blog!) It has also been shown that from the children taking part in a great range of gross (big) and fine (small) motor activities the children not only develop increased confidence and pride from trying, and sometimes achieving, new challenges, but they also gain academically.
Here at Ermine Primary Academy, we see a great importance in engaging all of our children, from nursery to year 6, in a range of sports and physical activity.
Over the past few weeks the first two groups of ten children have learnt how to put on their helmets, how to pick up and walk safely with their bikes, and this week, how to mount their bike, move along the course on it and most importantly, how to stop safely. Each of the sessions follows a carefully structured lesson plan and coaches Dan and Lee, from Multi Sport Pro, deliver these excellent sessions with passion. All of our FS2 children will get a chance to do the course throughout the academic year, so keep an eye out for further updates.
The children have loved going off with the coaches to the astro pitch (weather dependent) or into the big hall and taking part in the Monday sessions. They have all displayed fantastic listening ears and looking eyes, and have followed all instructions with great care and have been super at waiting their turn.

As soon as some of the children arrived on Monday morning one asked ‘is it biking day?’ and then replied with ‘YES! That is my favourite day of the week!’ when told it was, another joined in with ‘I am going to get a big boy bike with no stabilisers for Christmas as I am learning to ride all by myself’ and then a final added ‘ I didn’t know that I could even ride a bike. But I can!’ All such positive comments from the youngest of our children and all showing such pride in their new found skills and talents.
Well done all of you. We are really proud of you!