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Anti-Bullying Week 2018 – Food For Friendship

This week at Ermine Primary Academy we have been highlighting the importance of anti-bullying, especially focusing on the national theme of ‘Choose Respect’. Even though we always stress the importance of how we treat others, Anti-Bullying Week is a brilliant opportunity to bring it to the forefront of children’s minds through different activities over a week.


In classes we have had circle times where the children are able to express how bullying could make someone feel and thinking of ways in which we can prevent it from happening. We have discussed how bullying is a behaviour choice and that we all need to set a positive example to each other by respecting each other, children and adults alike. The children have talked about who we need to respect, how we can show it and how we always need to think carefully about which words we choose to say to people. We have also thought about how we don’t always have to be best friends with everyone but that it is important to respect each other at all times.

On Monday, the children and staff at Ermine Primary Academy took part in Odd Socks Day. This was an opportunity for everyone in school to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique. Odd Socks Day is a time to have fun, be yourself and spread awareness of the core values which Anti Bullying Week promotes. It helps children to understand how important it is for every child to feel valued and included in school without fear of bullying.

We have also had our annual Friendship Afternoon which we use as a special time in school for the children to mix with another year group that they wouldn’t necessarily work with during a normal school week. The children are always enthusiastic and excited to work with each other and it is wonderful to see how they really look after one another. They are eager to tell their teachers about their ‘new friends’ they have made and look forward to meeting up with them in the playground at playtimes. This year our theme for our Friendship Afternoon was ‘Food for Friendship’. Cooking, preparing and sharing food is often linked with family or friends, whether it’s part of a celebration or an everyday opportunity to touch base with the people we care about. With this in mind, the children were all able to make and share food with each other through a variety of ways including biscuit and cake decorating, blindfolded crisp tasting and creating friendship recipe sweetie bags.

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