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A View From Martin Connor, CEO

We are pleased to announce our new CEO, Martin Connor. He has a long history as a devoted educator and has taught in schools for over 36 years, 25 years of which has been in management and as a Headteacher. Martin is originally from Manchester but has been living in Lincolnshire for the past 25 years, which he now calls his home.


Martin believes that true leadership is about maintaining consistency, continuity and good performances across all levels and across the whole trust. By making sure everything is working in harmony, Martin will help Ermine Primary to improve in areas that require development.

We all care about our children and their education. Ensuring that our pupils have the best possible future is the goal of each and everyone of us at Ermine Primary. Martin can see the importance of this and will guide us to achieve this by working on the ground with us, not behind a screen or a spreadsheet. Martin will be holding each and every one of us accountable, including himself. All of these efforts will help Martin to understand and work with our school to deliver the best possible results and make our school a better place.

Martin also discussed with us that the Academy itself needs to work better together, to make sure that the schools are collaborating and growing together. By working more closely with Lincoln Castle Academy we can help our students to transition from one school to the next. It’s also about understanding the needs and areas for improvement, catching problems early on in a pupils life and helping tailor their educational journey through both primary and secondary education are absolutely crucial. Moving on from one school to the next shouldn’t feel like a blank slate.

In the immediate future, Martin will make steps to develop the relationships between everyone in the trust. That includes teachers, staff, parents, carers and everyone else with a vested interest in the school.

2018 is off to a good start.