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A Helpful Guide To What Your Child Needs To Bring To School

As the new term begins shops are full of ‘Back to School’ displays with a wide variety of equipment which can seem very expensive – so what does your child actually need, we cover the Top 5 most important items your child will need for the new term.


1. Lunches

At Ermine Primary Academy all children have the option of a hot school lunch with 3 choices each day, including a daily vegetarian meal. These are provided by ‘Good Lookin Cookin’ and examples of their menus can be found at their website . All Foundation and Key Stage 1 children have these meals provided for free; Key Stage 2 children need to pay unless eligible for free school meals. Please speak to our administrative staff for further details if you are unsure that you are entitled to them.

Menus are sent home each month so that parents and children can make their choices in advance and ensure that they will have chosen a meal which they will enjoy. Water is provided at lunchtime for the children to drink alongside their food.

All children have the alternative to bring their own cold lunches and drink from home and these are stored on trolleysat the start of the school day. Please make sure these lunch boxes/bags and drinks bottles are clearly named to reduce the chances of mixed up lunches! Chances are that if your child likes Star Wars and has a brand new Star Wars lunch box, someone else might have had the same idea!


2. Drinks

We ask all children to bring a water bottle every day to school which can be kept in the classroom. It’s a long wait until lunch, and access to water throughout the day helps children to concentrate on their learning. This does not need to be an expensive drinks bottle but it does need to have a sports cap to prevent spills at the table. Again, please name these clearly!


3. Uniform – including name label

All our uniform is available from Uniform Direct


  • Black shoes (not trainers)
  • Black/grey trousers, skirt, pinafore dress
  • Blue and white summer dresses
  • White polo top/shirt

Ermine Friends Group (EFG) have a selection of good quality second hand school uniform which they sell on a regular basis at school. Please contact them if you have items to donate.


4. Book bags – named

Ermine book bags are available from Uniform Direct. Children need to bring their book bags to school every day as letters and notices are sent home on a regular basis, as well as being able to change their reading books. Homework diaries and reading records need to be kept in these bags too.


5. PE Kits – named

  • Aqua shorts and school T shirt available from Uniform Direct
  • Plimsolls

All children take part in PE, both indoor and outdoor, throughout the year. Individual classes will be informed when they might need additional warmer clothing for their PE sessions.


And finally…


…. a smile and a readiness to learn something new! We’re ready, are you ?