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COVID 19 - Information for Parents

Updated information

Wednesday 9th September 2020

Dear Parent/Carer


School response to Covid-19


I have spoken to many parents and staff recently about the safety measures we have put in place to protect our school community and wanted to give you feedback and notify you of further changes.


Firstly, I am delighted how the children have settled back into the school routine. The bubble system, extra cleaning and handwashing procedures are working extremely well.


Suspected Cases

I am aware of local schools closing bubbles due to Covid cases. If we do have a confirmed case in our school we will notify parents and gain further guidance from Public Health Lincolnshire. As you can imagine we are entering the usual coughs and colds season but as a school we must be certain that these are not Covid related and will not allow children who are coughing continually or have a high temperature in school until a test has proved negative.


If you are keeping your child off school for Covid symptoms, you must inform the school office of this exact reason and book a test straight away. I understand tests are difficult to get at the moment so you may have to try several times or if unsuccessful, isolate for 14 days. If you receive a positive test result, please inform the school immediately.


Face Coverings

We are now asking everyone inside the school boundary over the age of 12 to wear a face covering whilst dropping off and picking up.


Morning Drop Off

We have made the start of the day 8:40am-9:10am. This is to allow a staggered start and reduce numbers of people arriving at the same time. We have also asked for one parent to drop off children. We have noticed that children are still arriving before this time which has resulted in a crowd at the school gates. Also, more than one adult has been dropping off, increasing the numbers of adults on the premises. Please arrive at school between those times and not before and adhere to the one parent rule.


End of Day Pick Up

This has been our biggest issue. We accept that on a couple of occasions the gates have not been opened on time which has caused further gathering. Once again please can only one adult pick up your child/ren. Please don’t arrive early. Whilst waiting for your child/ren maintain social distancing (1m+) and leave the school site immediately and not gather to talk to other families.



During school time this is our hardest to manage. We can only have a bubble at a time sat at a dining table. This has resulted in children having a shorter eating time. We also have staff spread more thinly so cannot keep checking that every child has eaten all the items in their lunch box. This has resulted in some parents contacting myself to inform me that their child hasn’t eaten all of their dinner. I want to reassure you that even though they are seated for less time, there is sufficient time for them to eat. Please remind your child at home that they must eat a little quicker and teach them how to open wrappers, packets and pots as this often slows our younger pupils down.


Thank you for your cooperation and continued support during these extremely challenging times.


Yours sincerely



Mr D Manby



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