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There is a very strong link between regular school attendance and achievement and if your child is frequently absent from school the chances of them gaining appropriate progress or attainment will be much lower. The Government’s target attendance for all children is 96%. 


School Day

8.30am- School gates open

8.45am- School starts

8.45am- 9.00am Registration


Please do not allow your child to be on the school premises before 8.30 am unless he/she attends Breakfast Club.  Staff are not on duty until 8.30 am therefore the school cannot take responsibility for your child prior to this time.  



The school doors shut at 8.55am so all children after this time will need to come through the main school office. If your child arrives between 9am and 9.30am your child will be marked as late.  If they arrive after 9.30am your child will be given an unauthorised attendance mark.





Currently persistent absent pupils are defined statistically according to the absent day threshold-see table below



Half term 1

3.5 or more days

Half term 1-2 (Autumn term)

7 or more days

Half term 1-3

10 or more days

Half term 1-4 (Autumn term and Spring term combined)

12.5 or more days

Half term 1-5

15.5 or more days

Half term 1-6 (Full academic year)

19 or more days


Medical Appointments

In order to minimise absences from school due to medical appointments we ask that all medical appointments are made out of school hours unless vital or due to an emergency.  If your child does have a medical appointment please bring a copy of the letter/appointment card into the main school office.                                                                                                                                                                


Medical Evidence

Should your child’s attendance become a concern you will be asked to provide medical notes/evidence for all absences.  Absences for which we do not receive medical evidence will not be authorised.



We do not authorise any holidays taken in term time. Parents need to write to the Headteacher to request a leave of absence for exceptional circumstances. Fixed Penalty notices may then be issued by Lincolnshire County Council once children have returned to school.


Poor attendance

If a pupil’s attendance falls below 90% action will be taken which may include letters, meetings in school, home visits or the issuing of fixed penalty warning notices or legal proceedings against the parent or carers of pupils who are persistently absent. This procedure may be shortened if your child’s attendance 85% or less and has not improved over the following four week period.